At Al Waha Engeneering Consultants we provide the following services:

Technical Studies:

Our team would look at all the constraints surrounding the project to provide clients with technical details and constraints affecting the project.

Feasibility Study:

We would look at your project and provide a financial feasibility study giving clients an idea of the profitability on the project based on current rental market prices, our expertise in the industry, land value, and construction cost estimate. 

Concept Design:

Our architects will listen to all your project requirements, use their imagination and come up with a concept that would fit your needs and adhere to building codes governing the project.

Architectural Design:

Once the concept is agreed upon by the client, our architects can move forward to produce full detailed architectural designs, presenting to the client an overall idea of the project using architectural drawings, perspective and elevation drawings, 3D and photoshop drawings. 

Structural Design:

Our team of engineers would use the architectural designs to design structural elements that adhere to regional and international codes that would insure the project is safe, stable, and cost efficient. This would include choosing the best places for columns and other structural framing elements for unplanned future requirements by the client through either variation orders or a new phase of the project. 

Electrical Design:

Using our knowledge of local regulations, international standards, and client requirements our engineers would design all electrical and lighting elements of the project to ensure safety and cost efficiency, this would include choosing the right materials, and the perfect locations for distribution boards. Our detailed designs help contractors price the project properly as it reduces estimates and assumptions. 

Mechanical Engineering Design:

We take a lot of care in choosing the cooling capacity, and the right location for air conditions and air ducts to reduce noise, while making it easy to reach for maintenance and support. 

Tendering and Tender Analysis:

Our engineers discuss requirements and specifications with clients to amend the schedule of finishing. We then create the tender and give the client expert advice during the tender opening and perform a tender analysis. Once the client chooses a consultant we create the contract for both parties to sign.

Construction supervision:

We make sure that the contractor follows standards and specifications used in the construction industry, and we make sure that the contractor follows the specified works in our designs in a timely manner. We would supervise tests of structural elements such as concrete and non-structural elements such as waterproofing. On site we ask the contractor to place lighting and power points before execution to go over them with the client. 

Interior Design:

Our interior designers offer creative and technical solutions to achieve a chic and desirable interior environment; solutions that enhance the quality of life and occupant culture in an esthetically attractive context. Al Waha’s interior design process follows systematic and coordinated methods, including research, analyses, and integration of knowledge into the creative process, whereby the needs and resources of the clients are satisfied to produce an interior space that fulfills the project’s goals.


We provide landscaping for all kinds of projects based on both science and art, with good observation and design skills. We understand the elements of nature and construction and blend them accordingly. Projects are designed and finalized from concept design phase to tender and detailed design phases.

Custom Made Living:
our pieces are created with superior craftsmanship with an attention to specific details that render unique products for the discerning eyes. The woodwork is made of the finest woods from Ebony, Makassar Ebony, Brazilian Jacaranda Mahogany, Zebra, Wenge and Oak.


We also offer a variety of adapted lighting solutions and designs, we pride ourselves in our personal service and tailor-made approach to the design and production of beautiful lighting that matches any interior design or custom-made furniture you might have.